About Us

That’s Just Fun!

justfun llc is a publishing company and production house of immersive educational and game apps.

Founded in the fall of 2010, justfun began with a handful of engaging concepts and a dream. To us the iPad represented a new frontier of opportunity – a platform where we had the freedom to create anything we could imagine and get it distributed directly and virtually to the people we care most about – our users.

Our mission is to create beautiful and inventive applications that are fun to play and fun to share.

Our goal is to provide high quality educational and entertainment apps that kids and adults will enjoy engaging with again and again.


We believe…

Learning should always be fun. Creativity unlocks all possibilities. Exploration causes more curiosity. Challenges inform next decisions. Imagination builds great minds. Inspiration comes from the heart.

Look for more justfun apps in the near future. If there’s one thing for certain, we never seem to have a shortage of great ideas!

Thanks for visiting justfun.com. If you’d like to stay tuned into all the latest developments at justfun we suggest you visit this site often!

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