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  • Kids’ Imaginations Will Soar with this Creature
    Designer – 5 Star Rating – Common Sense Media
  • A Purely Awesome App – The Gamer With Kids
  • Must Have for Kids – 5 Star Rating – iDevices World
  • Create Monster Art! – Apps4Kids
  • Will bring out your creative side – iViewApps
  • Is an Absolute Gem – CalmDownTom
  • Let Your Imagination Go Wild – GeekDad
  • A Gorgeous App – The iPhone Mom

Behind The Scenes

Making Bluebert

Frank N. Stein

Making Fluffy

The Freedom to Explore

Change your mind about any color or part? Everything on your canvas can be edited and updated – now or later.

Socially Connected

Go to your Create A Monster HD gallery and share your creations via email and popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Hours of Fun

Warning! Hours of immersive play ahead! It’s great to imagine, make, and share monsters. Because, after all, making monsters is fun!


Let your imagination go wild! We provide the parts but you control where almost every part is placed. Like magic, your creations will emerge from the canvas in surprising and inventive ways – because YOU made them.

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